Business Menu Service for Agencies

Starting: $99.00 for 1 yearSelect Subscription

Why You Need It?

1. Using a text-based menu helps people read your business menu better whether they are viewing the menu page from a mobile device or a full-size desktop.

2. It also works well with search engines and text-to speech applications so when people are looking for something your business offers, your business can be found more easily.

3. Save your time! Don’t be stressed about having to find the login information for your website and go through all that technical stuff on your website you are not completely familiar with.

MenuBees is the perfect solution for you!

Do you ever wish someone else managed your client’s online menu? Whether it is a restaurant or any other type of professional service company, it is stressful logging into the website, trying to make changes, and then making sure everything is done correctly, across multiple devices and browsers.

MenuBees will convert the menu into text, backed with markup so it’s easy for search engines and text-to-speech applications to understand.

We will also create a menu page link on our platform so you can use it for your business online presence. If you wish to use it across all other social media, such as Facebook, and review websites, you can use the link and it will display the latest updates.

Use the custom link/code we generate for you – once and for all. We take any legible format of the menu, a photo or a text document. We will convert it into text and make the update within just two business days!

Starting: $99.00 for 1 yearSelect Subscription