How it works

Are you a business owner, manager, or an agency that manages websites and social profile updates?

Whether you are managing a restaurant or any other business that provides services to clients, updating business information has never been so easy with MenuBees.

When you sign for our service and send us your menu, we manually process the information, organizing them nicely for mobile view then tag it with structured data for search engines to understand better.

Once this menu is ready and published on your dedicated page hosted on our service, we send a code you can use on your website that works with almost all the major website development platform.

This is just a one time work and moving forward, all we need is the updated menu fileand we process the updates on your account which will reflect the update on all other websites where you have used the code.

It is very easy to get started with our service.

1. Click on “Start Today” button

Start Today | MenuBees

2. Choose how many updates you make to your online menu every year.

(This can be upgraded after you sign up.) Then simply click “Sign Up” button
HoneyBee Subscription | MenuBees

3. Enter your business information then complete the checkout.

The business name has to reflect the name of business know to your customers. If you have multiple locations, please identify by the location name as well. e.x. My Business – Seattle 98105.
Checkout | MenuBees
Congratulations! You are all done signing up now. Please login to your account and send us
your menu. It normally takes between 2 to 10 business days to process your menu to plain text with structured data for search engines. You will receive a notification from us when your menu is ready with the code you can use on your website or a link
you can use on your social media.

Accessing your Account/Update Request

1. Login/Register

If you haven’t already, you can register on the same page.
Login | MenuBees

2. Click “Request Update”

Upload or copy and paste your menu and business information.
Update Request | MenuBees


  • We build a handcrafted business page of yours that displays the full text menu, open hours that tells people whether you are currently open or closed, and other business information
  • Then, we will send you a notification with a code (simply copy and paste) that you can use to pull the menu directly onto your website. *You will always have access to the code from your account dashboard.

Whenever there is an update, login to your account and send us the menu file, we will have your menu updated ASAP.

Why struggle through updating the menu and other business information online?

Don’t waste anymore time! Leave it up to us and let us do the work. All you need to do is upload your menu and then copy and paste the code we generate. (Same as embedding Google Maps or a YouTube video onto their
website.) The same code will display the newly updated menu and business information.

Mobily Friendly and Search Engine Friendly

The menus we build for our clients are not only mobile friendly, but it’s also search engine friendly. All menu items typed in plain text for improved search results. Every menu item
is tagged with structured data which search engines love, thus making it very easy for people to find your menu online.