Who We Are

In 2009, we started as a local website development and marketing agency where the majority of our clients were local, small businesses in the Greater Seattle area.

Throughout the years, we have provided valuable services for our clients. What separated us from competitors was our ability to develop custom tools that fit our client’s specific needs. As we developed custom functionality for websites, we’ve also contributed to the open source community by creating and sharing high quality WordPress plugins and tools.

In the business world, trends change very fast – especially with the advancement of internet based services. This means many local clients who have started their business before the smartphone era are having a difficult time trying to catch up with current technology such as responsive websites, easy access of online menus, and more.

Over the years, our team has gained much knowledge through professional experiences and decided to build a simple solution that can help our clients run their business stress-free.

When it comes to the online side of your business, don’t worry, we got your back.

Our Solution

Our solution provides a very simple tool and service. Our goal is to help business owners and managers focus solely on running their business without having to deal with stressful online updates.

What is MenuBees?

We take your business menu and build it for online presence. All with simple and modern aesthetics.

MenuBees was developed with a mobile-first approach. Along with being mobile-friendly, MenuBees is also search engine friendly and user-friendly.

All menu updates are synchronized with any website using the menu. For example, if you have a restaurant and submit your menu to third-party sources like Yelp, but also have the menu on your website, MenuBees will make your menu update across platforms/websites displaying your menu.

In addition, MenuBees provides a smart widget that displays “open” or “closed” (depending on your business hours) along with other business information hosted on our website, but is unique for each client.

We are continuing to work hard to provide unique and quality services that are tailored for each client. Our team is in the process of developing more solutions to businesses who need simple solutions so they can invest their time and money in their business.